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Long Island, The Global Economy and Race

The Aging of America’s first suburb
by Dr. Martin Cantor
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“America will again be watching Long Island for guidance. We have no better starting point in addressing these issues than Marty Cantor’s “Long Island, The Global Economy, and Race: The Aging of America’s First Suburb”.—Congressman Steve Israel

”Marty Cantor has tackled a topic that is long overdue for examination. The relationships that he has developed during his career have provided him with valuable insight into Long Island and its African American community. His ability to engage in “straight talk” and his “tell it like it is” style make this book a must read for concerned Long Islanders. We all need to know where we have come from in order to best determine where we need to go”—Lance D. Clarke, Esq., General Counsel 100 Black Men Development Group, Inc.

“No one understands better than Marty Cantor the multifaceted interrelationships between the Long Island economy and the social issues that impact it. His unique perspective has evolved over the years since serving as Suffolk County’s Commissioner of Economic Development, and his focus on immigration, racism, affordable housing and education is a breath of fresh air. Any one who truly wants to understand Long Island needs to read this book”.—Robert Gaffney, Former President, Dowling College, and Former Suffolk County Executive

“Marty Cantor has put his finger on the pulse of Long Island’s ability to sustain its economy, and the need to address the multicultural issues that are critical to strengthening the region’s ability to compete in the global economy.”—Theresa Sanders, President/CEO of the Urban League of Long Island

“There are important lessons to be learned from Marty Cantor about the evolution of America’s first suburb, Long Island, that have relevance to suburbs all across America. How those lessons are applied to tackling the challenges that suburbs are confronting in the global economy will determine the future prosperity of those seeking the good life in suburbia.”—Patrick Halpin, Former Suffolk County Executive

“Since World War II Long Island’s economy has shown resilience and adaptability. However, as a community we have shown rigidity and an inability to adapt as we become increasingly separated by income, race and age. This book tells this story and highlights the importance of inclusiveness for Long Island’s future”.—Nancy Douzinas, Phd.President, Rauch Foundation and Long Island Index

“Marty Cantor’s focus on the complexity of Long Island’s socio-economic and entrepreneurial linkages to wealth accumulation in the global economy is important reading for those wanting to understand the aging of America’s suburbs”—Roslyn Goldmacher, President/CEO Long Island Development Corp./Greater New York Development Corp./LI Small Business Assistance Corp.

“Marty Cantor’s book is a great tool for economic development; the past is the best foundation on which to build the future”—Phyllis Hill Slater, Global Chair, European American Women’s Council.